Top 10 Reasons You Need To Be At Sauble Beach for a 2018 Long Weekend

There are many reasons to come to Sauble Beach for the long weekend, but here is our Top 10:

1. You get one extra world famous sunset to share with your friends & family.

fall_sauble_sunset          Photo Credit: Bruce County

2. More people = more people watching as you strut the 11km of beach.

Biking down sauble          Photo Credit: Bruce County

3. You have more time to perfect your mad yoga stand up paddleboard skills with SUP Sauble Beach.

SUP Yoga Sunset         Photo Credit: SUP Sauble Beach

4. You can eat your way around town at places like Casero Taco Bus, Beach Burger and Luscious Bakery Deli Cafe (Check out the Best Places to Eat around Sauble Beach).


5. Get more Instagram pics of the summer underneath the Sauble Beach Sign.

Sauble sign

6. Get back to your long weekend camping roots.

After all day we are very hungry and thirsty

7. Master the hottest beach games (Kan Jam, Texas Horseshoe, Beersbee, etc.) Click here to master the hottest lawn games.

8. It’s time to try kiteboarding with Kiterider Canada.

kite boarding          Photo credit: Bruce County

9. Where else can you crank 90’s music on your ghetto blaster?


10. Because its where all the cool people hang.


The Fine Print:  The opinions expressed are those of White Sands Campground and are only a sample of how awesome Sauble Beach really is.  There are lots of amazing opportunities for you to have a safe, fun long weekend.  Please respect the natural environment, don’t litter and respect your neighbours to have the same amount of fun you are having.  Of course, NEVER drink and drive, but you already knew that.  Have a kick-ass long weekend everyone!

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