Top 10 Canadian Traditions at Sauble Beach

Being Canadian means different things to different people, and at Sauble Beach we like to all come together to celebrate and pay tribute to what it means to be part of this great Country. There is no better way to ring in this special holiday than at the beach, so dust off that Trivial Pursuit, put the Molson Canadian on ice and get to Sauble this long weekend.

I am Canadian

Top 10 Canada Day Traditions

  1. Cook bacon outside in a cast iron pan at your campsite

  2. Wear a toque to the beach

  3. Crank up ‘Ahead by a Century’ by the Tragically Hip

  4. Sing O’ Canada as the Sun Sets Over Lake Huron

  5. Make Spider Dogs over the fire and smother them in green relish

  6. Eat Moose Tracks ice cream

  7. Share a Sauble Beach Beaver Tail

  8. Put a temporary Canadian Flag Tattoo somewhere on your body

  9. Do belly shots of Maple Syrup

  10. Make love in a canoe on the Sauble River

 Bonus:  For 19 things you might not know were invented in Canada click here

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