The Ultimate White Sands Camper’s Christmas List

Hello to all our little camper elves out there.  May your upcoming holiday season be filled with memories of the campfire cup flip, beersbie, and way way too many reruns of the movie Elf.

We want to say a huge thanks to all of our loyal WS campers who helped us celebrate Canada’s big birthday this year.  What a summer it was, and the rain that came definitely didn’t damper our Sauble spirits.

Speaking of spirit, we thought we’d compile a little White Sands Christmas Camper list of the things you could ask for the upcoming camping season.  Regardless of whether you have been naughty or nice…..don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Top 10 Camping Christmas Presents You Should Ask Santa For

1.An Inflatable Tent

2. A Cooler That Keeps Ice Rock Solid For Days


3. A Fancy Frisbee-for the ultimate round of beersbie with buds

Solo Cup Frisbee

4. Body Paint

body paint

5. Bulk Pack of Glow Sticks

Glow in teh dark bowling

6. A Thumping Sound System for Your Car


7. A Big Blue Tarp– So the fun won’t get damp


  8. A 2 Person Sleeping Bag

Sleeping in tent
Trust us, it’s a lot more fun than sleeping alone

9. Square Red Solo Cups- Less spilling= more ‘hydration’


10. A Really Good Portable Speaker

Keep those campfire tunes crankin

Bonus:  A Gift Card For Unlimited Camping at White Sands Campground in 2018

Merry Christmas from our White Sands family to yours.

BCH-WSC-logo-SB-logo to the edge.png

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